You made things so right

por FJ Pelarda - L Launa | We can do it better

Lyrics - Letra

You made things so right

You may be right when you say I tied you down

Your crystal eyes will tell me what I ought to know

You’ll rise above the delusions of a nice dream

(You) won’t hear the words that’ll fill the ruins of our pain

Doing things that we forgot we knew

Like calling out our names

Whispering old lies in the emptiness that came on us again, once again

You’ll let me down even if it’ll make you cry

And feel so sorry when you see me all alone

But it’s all right we’ll pretend and we’ll keep smiling

The days go by and we’ll forget what made us sigh

Should I tell you that I need you and that you won this silly game?

You will smile and turn your face and say

We’re not what we once were

That’s a shame

Uuuuhh… You made things so right

Uuuuhh… By faking all your sorrow and how about that?

About that!

When I see you in the morning

When I try to smile again

When I feel the saddest sunrise

That the day will bring in shame

Like today

Uuuuhh… You made things so right

Uuuuhh… You laughed at the sadness and things that I said

Like today

Alright, it is alright I’m the only one to blame

It is alright, yes, it’s alright I guess it’s just the same

Alright, it is alright, it is alright today will bring tomorrow

Alright, it is alright and today will just fade away

Will just fade away

Fade away, fade away, fade away…