Friday afternoon

by FJ Pelarda - I Campo - G Mata | Friday afternoon

Lyrics - Letra

Friday afternoon

It’s a quarter past eleven on a Friday

We’ll be meeting on a Friday afternoon

All around me I can see smiling faces

They may know I’m gonna see you very soon

My head’s so light

I’m feeling flying as I’m getting close to you

All the week I’ve been through hell here at the office

But today we’ll have a Friday rendezvous

We’ll be enjoying a few drinks this happy hour

The world outside don’t seem to be so cruel

My head’s so light

It feels so groovy as I’m sitting next to you

Every night I think to myself, how I need you

Every day my love’s growing for you

I can’t hide, I can’t hide it now

I’ve been waiting for three hours on this Friday

Neither called me nor did she give a poor excuse

I’m afraid to admit that I’ve lost her forever

There won’t be another Friday afternoon

I feel so sad

I should’ve known the bird would take me for a ride

And she has taken me for a ride

Wanna die, wanna die

That means for me and for Friday, goodbye…