Cardamom girl

by FJ Pelarda - JC Sarasa | Belated Songs

Lyrics - Letra

Cardamom girl

It’s dark in my heart

My cardamom girl

It’s hard to say this

My cardamom girl

You are so young

And you have a lot of life before you, unlike me

And you’ll find another guy

I’m dreaming of you

My cardamom girl

You know that I love you

My cardamom girl

Smile, please smile

And remember I’m your friend

My sweet girl, dearest friend

I will always be your friend

But you, you know that wouldn’t work

But you, you know that couldn’t be

You will see the light again, my love

You will have a friend like me, my love

I’m sure that you will find a guy you really love

Don’t feel sad and lonely

My cardamom girl

You know I’m by your side

My cardamom girl

No, you aren’t alone

The big ocean between us it’s a dream, just a dream

You’ll be soon a happy girl